Family Law And Divorce

Navigating a divorce or custody dispute is often a highly emotional process. You may be worried about protecting your relationships with your children, safeguarding your hard-earned assets and much more.

However, my law firm, the office of Timothy J. Hennessy, PLLC is here to help. As a knowledgeable family law attorney in Williamsville, New York, I will vigorously advocate for your parental rights and financial interests. I handle a wide array of domestic relations matters, including:

Divorce. I handle both contested and uncontested divorce for couples of all income levels and walks of life in Buffalo and beyond. [Read about How to stay sane during divorce.]

Child custody. These matters are delicate and stressful, and the related laws are incredibly complex. I have extensive experience as a child custody attorney, and I can defend your parental rights. I strike the right balance by remaining firm while extending absolute respect to all parties involved.

Child support and spousal maintenance. It's important that you and your children are taken care of, no matter what happens in a divorce or separation settlement. I can determine the amount of money you are legally required to pay or able to receive.

Property division. Fairly dividing all marital assets and debts is a complicated process, but I will provide detailed guidance every step of the way. I understand how to divide real estate, retirement accounts and all other types of property.

Modifications. When life circumstances change, you may need to modify a custody or support order. I can help you petition the court and seek the approval you require.

Family offenses. From domestic violence and orders of protection to judicial delinquency proceedings and child neglect, I am here to diligently advocate on your behalf.

Choose A Lawyer With The Right Experience

The New York Family Courts deal with many different family law issues, but only the New York Supreme Court can grant a divorce. The Supreme Court also has jurisdiction over all issues that pertain to a divorce, ranging from child support to domestic violence allegations.

I am well-versed in the rules and procedures for each court. I can guide you through the legal requirements with a minimum of frustration. My focus is always on making sure that you are comfortable, well-informed and well-represented.

To learn more about my law firm and services, please contact me today. Call Timothy J. Hennessy, PLLC at 716-276-0980 for a free phone consultation.