Meet Timothy Hennessy

I am Timothy J. Hennessy, PLLC. As a family law and criminal defense attorney serving Williamsville and Greater Buffalo, I am committed to protecting your rights and interests.

My clients are mostly younger people living and working in and around Erie County, New York. I also handle a lot of cases involving students at the many colleges in our area, who may have gotten into trouble with possession, DWI, or other felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Fighting a legal battle can be enormously stressful. Handled right, however, it need not put your life on pause. I work hard to keep your case on track and to help you contain your emotions during this challenge.

Whether you have been served with divorce papers or pulled over for driving under the influence, you can rely on me to handle the legal details without disrupting your life.

My goal is always to shift the burden of responsibility from your shoulders to mine. Insofar as possible with the law, I try to keep things simple and understandable, and to protect your rights and your best interests at all times.

I know how reassuring it is to get a call back the same day when you have a question that's bothering you. With me, proper representation begins with good communication.

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Providing the legal essentials for everyday people in the Buffalo area – that's the mission of lawyer Timothy J. Hennessy, PLLC of Williamsville, New York. Call us at 716-276-0980 for a free no-obligation consultation.