Legal Representation for Challenging Times

Nearly everyone would be happy to live their whole lives and never go to court. Who needs the aggravation and stress?

But legal challenges find us anyway. In my practice serving the people in the Buffalo metro, I represent people with two challenging problems: divorce and criminal charges.

If you have decided to get a divorce, or if you have been charged with drunk driving, you probably face the biggest challenge of your life. My job as your attorney is to guide you through these problems with a minimum of pain, toward an outcome you can live with.

'Responsive to Your Questions ~ Responsible for Your Outcome'

That's my firm slogan. But what does that mean?

The first part is important. It means I communicate with my clients. If they don't understand an aspect of their case, I explain it to them. And if they call me with a question, I make every effort to get back to them at the soonest possible moment. It's your case, after all, not mine. I work to keep you "in the loop" all the time.

The second part is even more important. It means that the burden of achieving successful results for you is on my shoulders. When you put your trust in me to represent you, I give it my all. The outcome you seek is the outcome to which I am committed. I do not take customer concerns lightly.

Family Law Issues



Child support

Spousal support


Criminal Defense

DWI and traffic violations

License suspension

Drug possession

Property crimes

Credit card fraud