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Is Uncontested Divorce Right For You?

The primary attraction of uncontested divorce is that it is economical. When there are no significant disputes to resolve, lawyers have little to do except prepare and manage the paperwork involved. The office of Timothy J. Hennessy, PLLC, has successfully guided many clients through this low-cost, low-stress approach.

Why, then, aren’t all divorces uncontested? Because most marriages end with issues still unresolved. If there are children in the marriage, both sides are likely to have strong opinions on custody, visitation, how the child is to be raised and supported financially.

Uncontested divorces require a high degree of trust. If there is any chance the other side may be keeping information off of the table, hiding assets, or engaging in any kind of deception or fraud, you will want to address those issues. Once you start investigating, you are litigating, and costs may be expected to rise.

You need to be on speaking terms. Couples who are in a deep freeze may have trouble signing simple documents. If you can’t be amicable, uncontested divorce is probably not for you.

Likewise, uncontested divorce is not the approach to take if the relationship was characterized by abuse. If the other side has behaved violently, or is coercing you now into taking the uncontested route, that is a reason not to do it.

Just because there are reasons to avoid seeking an uncontested divorce does not necessarily mean your divorce becomes expensive. At our firm, we keep your options open even in uncontested divorce. If an issue arises, as happens about 10 percent of the time, we can usually step in and address it with you without busting your budget.

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To discuss the uncontested divorce option, and whether it is right in your divorce, schedule a no-charge, no-obligation discussion with attorney Timothy Hennessy. He will review the pros and cons with you and map out a strategy that is both affordable and fair. Call him at 716-276-0980, or email him your questions.