Getting pulled over by the police can be stressful and nerve wracking. If you’ve never been pulled over before you may not know what to do or the best way to behave. If you are being pulled over for suspicion of a DUI, it is especially important to make the right moves and take the right steps in order to protect your rights.

There are several actions you should be sure to take and some you should avoid.

“Dos” When Pulled Over

There are certain actions you may want to take when being pulled over including:

  • Pull over in a safe, well-lit place
  • Be polite at all times
  • Take mental note of everything that happens during your interaction
  • Contact an attorney if necessary

While these steps may not prevent you from being arrested or given a DUI, they can help you avoid making your situation worse or more severe.

“Don’ts” When Pulled Over

Similarly, there are several actions you will want to avoid when being pulled over such as:

  • Don’t admit to any incriminating activities, but don’t lie either
  • Don’t make any sudden or suspicious movements
  • Don’t make any statements after being arrested without an attorney

Again, these steps can help prevent your situation from worsening or becoming more serious. Additionally, if pulled over on suspicion of DUI, you have the right to refuse a field sobriety or breathalyzer test without penalty.

Being pulled over makes most people nervous, but it’s important to try and remain calm throughout the entire process. An attorney with experience can provide you with a better understanding of these situations and the charges that you may face.